New Overwatch Hero Maximilien introduced in Storm Rising Event Teaser


Blizzard released Storm Rising Event Teaser which introduced a new Overwatch hero, Maximilien. He’s the main target for the event’s story mode. Although the teaser is just 14 seconds long, it does not just give you the details of the event. Apart from the details of the event, it also introduces us with Maximilien. Moreover, Sojourn is also teased in an earlier teaser which shows that she could be a possible future hero in Overwatch.

In the teaser, we see him inside a car, where his character is outlined in red as if he is traced. Then he steps out of the car and we have a close up on him. He is dressed in a suit with gold accents in his hands. After that, the video ends with the message, “Chase the Truth.”

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In the earlier teaser, an agent named Sojourn tells Soldier: 76 that she is sending Genji, Mercy and Winston, lead by Tracer, on a mission. The mission is to track down Doomfist’s accountant, Maximilien. The mission is to destroy the evidence against the Talon operative. This will be the storyline of the event’s story mode.

In the event, the players will play the role of any of the four heroes. They have to beat the clock and extract Maximilien from his Cuban hideout. By the looks of the character in today’s teaser, the character is Maximilien, the target of the mission.

Overwatch Storm Rising Event will commence on April 16 and it ends on May 16.

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