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Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Skins Coming For Anniversary 2018 Events

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event will celebrate the two anniversary of the Overwatch. On this event Blizzard is going to reveal a huge amount of in-game content out of which Blizzard reveals the new Overwatch skins.

Overwatch anniversary 2018 event will run from 22 May to 11 June. It will be a big package of in-game content. The event will introduce a new Overwatch Deathmatch and Competitive playlist with new cosmetics. Blizzard also plans to bring back all cosmetics and skins from the previous events in the game. So you have a chance to pick previous contents of the game.

New Overwatch Skins

According to Blizzard eight new Legendary Overwatch skins and three epic skins will be available in the game. Out of them Blizzard only reveals two skins for now.

New Overwatch Skins

On the Overwatch official Twitter account, two skins are revealed. First is for Soldier: 76, a cobra themed skin called “Venom”.

Second is for Tracer, a “Lightning” skin.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan also hinted at another skin in the latest Developer Update

Jeff Kaplan ( Overwatch Director ) also hinted at another skin for the developer update while one more skin i.e Pirate Junkrat skin revealed by official announcement of the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event.

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