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New Pokemon Sleep App Details, What is it?

The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Go, 3 years ago. Since then, it has managed to get millions of people to walk around just to capture virtual Pokemon. Now, they are bringing an app to make those millions of people sleep to get some in-game rewards. The app is named Pokemon Sleep. Let’s find out more about the app in the following article.

New Pokemon Sleep App Details

The Pokemon Company announced the Pokemon Sleep app in the Pokemon press conference, held on May 28. According to Pokemon Company’s CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, “Everyone spends a large part of their life sleeping and turning that into entertainment is our next challenge at Pokemon.”

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Check out the below video for the whole Pokemon press conference. Skip to 17:40 for the announcement on Pokemon Sleep App.

Till now, all we know about the app is that the length of your sleep will affect the gameplay. It would be important to sleep a certain amount of time to get certain rewards, but then you can’t blame Pokemon Company for making you late for work…

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More news about Pokemon Sleep app is expected to arrive late this summer. So, stay tuned to our website and subscribe to get notified as soon as we post something on the topic.

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