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New Pokemon TCG set is called Sky Legends, anime characters to be feature in it

There is no doubt that Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series but, it’s trading card game is also quite popular in Japan. Like new pokemon season in the anime, Pokemon TCG also gets new sets in an interval of months. Today, the Pokemon company announce a new Pokemon TCG set known as “Sky Legends”.

This expansion serves as a cross over between the anime and trading card game as it will feature some characters from the anime. It will feature a Tag Team GX card featuring all three Legendary Birds. In addition to this card, it will also feature a support card featuring famous enemy team Jessie and James.

New Pokemon TCG set is called Sky Legends

Pokemon TCG

This is the first time Jessie and James got their own Pokemon card, but technically the duo has appeared on the “Here Comes Team Rocket” card released as part of the “Team Rocket” expansion in 2000. They also had their own theme deck in the expansion and recently featured on the “Team Rocket’s Harassment” card.

Pokemon Sky Legends TCG will release on April 26 in Japan.

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