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New PUBG Weapon – Brand New DMR Gun Is Coming To Sanhok

Tired of waiting for new PUBG weapon?, Don’t worry PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new weapon very soon. New PUBG weapon is coming exclusively to the new map “Sanhok” and it is designated marksman rifle called QBU.

New PUBG Weapon- DMR QBU

Yesterday, PUBG Corps. Reveal this information on their official Twitter account with a short trailer. According to the information, QBU PUBG weapon will replace Mini14 on Sanhok map.

It will utilize 5.56mm bullets. According to the trailer, it will have an advantage over other DMR’s in PUBG as its default bipod provides greater stability and uses less recoil when players use it in the prone position. The standard QBU will hold ten rounds of bullets, but it can be increased up to 20 with an extended magazine compatible to DMR.

New PUBG Weapon

PUBG Corp. stated that its recoil and ballistics would be identical to the Mini14. However, it will offer a higher amount of bullet damage than the Mini14.

You can check the full stats of the new PUBG weapon “QBU” below:

QBU Stats

  • Weapon Class: DMR
  • Damage: 48
  • Ammo Type: 5.56mm
  • Effective Fire Range: 400m
  • Rate of Fire: 0.1s
  • Muzzle Velocity: 990m/s

This new PUBG weapon has the smallest amount of damage per bullet as compared to all DMRs in PUBG but it has the highest initial bullet speed among all DMRs which makes up its disadvantages.

“When shooting from a standing position, there is substantial recoil and sway to contend with, especially when firing rapidly. Remember to go prone when possible, taking advantage of the bipod to significantly reduce recoil. The weapon sway, combined with heavy recoil and firing shots in quick succession can make landing multiple hits on your target challenging. So take it slow, and aim carefully.”

Currently, its release date is not provided, but it will be available for testing in Sanhok map very soon.

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