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The New S Pen in Samsung Note 9 receives major upgrades

With just about a month left for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, some rather interesting news has surfaced. Evidently, the new S Pen, that comes with the Note 9, will have massive upgrades to its hardware and software. The new stylus may allow controlling music playback and act as a Bluetooth controller for the device.

The Legacy of S Pen

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We know the Note series for delivering best-in-class features with something new and innovative every iteration. Starting with the very first Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the company introduced the smart S Pen which acted as an extension of the phone by allowing gestures and screenshots using just the pen. Then came along the Note 2 and it introduced a plethora of new features like Air View. The S Pen has remained virtually the same since then.

What’s New with the S Pen

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With the introduction of the new S Pen, productivity and intuitiveness are going to go off charts. The new stylus will now have a dedicated battery which will be recharged when the pen is placed inside the phone. Not just that, the S Pen now supports Bluetooth 4.0 which it can use for variety of purposes. For example, you can click selfies with the pen as a trigger. The stylus may also have have a gyroscope sensor. It will allow you to draw on a surface other than your phone and the design will be transferred to your phone. Tracing objects has never been easier.

Final Words

Some rumours even point to a built in speaker and microphone speaker to allow you to attend calls from the pen itself. There are a million more rumours floating around. We do not have an official word from Samsung, so take these with a pinch of salt. Till then, fingers crossed for more Samsung Galaxy Note 9 use.


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