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Star Wars Last Jedi new teaser !! Ready for the Force ?

The Force is strong with this movie, as we near the release the excitement is as high as the Force is with Rey. Lucas film already knows that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to be the behemoth that will crush every other movie coming December. Yet they released another teaser yesterday titled ‘The Tempt’ to fire up the excitement among us. The teaser gave the glimpse of Luke as a serious Jedi Master asking Rey to ”Reach Out. What do you see?” to which Rey replies “Light, darkness and something else. It’s calling me” from above conversation we speculate that either Kylo Ren is calling her to join the dark side or dark side itself trying to reach out to her. As the teaser ends with Luke telling Rey to resist that voice, which somewhat goes with our speculation.

Earlier, the first official trailer came out on October 19th and was the perfect one, as it didn’t give up much about the movie. The trailer made all of us anxious and left us speculating, what could happen to Rey & Kylo Ren.
We saw that how Luke admits he had seen this much power only once in his life and was not afraid of it then, but he is now, which clearly points out that Rey possesses the raw power which once Luke had. We also see, what other characters are doing in the movie, as Kylo Ren breaks his helmet which depicts that he is not afraid to hide & now he is on the dark side. In the trailer, we see Carrie Fisher for the last time as it’s her’s final movie & as per reports have a major role to play in the story.
In the end, we saw Rey asking for help to show her the path which is meant for her and Kylo Ren extends his hand, which either means she will join the dark side or remain on the good side.

So what do you guys think? Will Rey join the dark side or bring back Kylo Ren from it? We love riding this hype train for this spectacular movie which will surely give us jumps in the theatre. Do let us know your views after watching both the videos.


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