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Next Overwatch meta could have four supports & two tanks

When Overwatch’s major update and a new support hero Baptiste was introduced, many players looked for a possible combination that could replace the so-called GOATS meta.

The players who play Overwatch are well aware of GOATS, which is a team composition with three supports and three tanks. The tactical use of GOATS has been seen in many competitive matches, but with the arrival of the new hero Baptiste, many players think that it may be the onset for the end of current GOATS.

In a YouTube video, Dallas Fuel Assistant Coach, Justin “Jayne” Conroy explored the possibility of the next meta with four supports and two tanks used by a French team.

The French Overwatch team ‘Cry me a River’ used the composition of Reinhardt, Zarya, Brigitte, Lucio, Zenyatta and Baptiste in place of D.Va.

D.Va and Baptiste can counter the Zarya’s Graviton Surge ultimate with their abilities, Defense Matrix and Immortality Field respectively.

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes for February 26-Baptiste live in-game Photo
Blizzard Entertainment

Jayne, while explaining the video, stated, “The Baptiste being in the composition instead of the D.Va makes a lot of sense, “Baptiste gets to have the benefit of just surviving it instantaneously at the point of their choosing by throwing Invulnerability field on the ground.”

Well, Quad Support replacing GOATS out of the sudden is very unlikely as many pro teams have practiced long enough to perfect their GOATS game.

But over time, we may see some more tactical use of the Quad Support meta, and it would be interesting to see how effective they can be in clenched situations during a game.


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