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Nick Fury and Black Panther Will Meet In Future Confirms Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson recently revealed that he had suggested Marvel executives that Nick Fury should make an appearance in Black Panther. To this, he recalled that Marvel said – “Ehh, Nah. We’re good. Nick Fury and Black Panther will meet somewhere. But not there.” which suggested that Nick Fury will meet Black Panther in future.

Fans have waited for a long time to see Nick Fury return to the screen with the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the events of Winter Soldier; he appeared in Age of Ultron in the climax supporting the Avengers and motivating them to fight back against Ultron.

Nick Fury and Black Panther

The actor opened up a lot of questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with one of the big question being how either character could appear at all in a future film. With Thanos eradicating half of the universe and Nick Fury and Black Panther being the victims, how are both going to meet in the future?

Upcoming Marvel film, Captain Marvel, however, will take place in the ’90s, with it being possible that Black Panther, though not T’Challa, could make an appearance in that film.

Nick fury and black panther

Despite being promised that Nick Fury and Black Panther will meet in the future, Jackson still wished that he had gotten the chance to appear in Black Panther. “I can’t answer that! I’m wondering,” Jackson said when asked why his character didn’t have an appearance. “He should’ve been there. He should have been somewhere — maybe in that casino in Korea when all of that stuff jumped off.”

Even though an actual meeting of Nick Fury and Black Panther doesn’t happen, but it’s possible to think that Fury knew full well about Black Panther, the kingdom of Wakanda and the Vibranium reserves it holds. “Just so you could say, ‘Oh, Nick Fury is out in the world looking for whatever the evil in the world is,'” the actor noted of his possible Black Panther appearance. “He’s just there and is kind of like, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s that Black Panther dude.’ ‘Cause there’s no way in the world he doesn’t know where Wakanda is or what vibranium is or any of that because he’s Nick Fury.” Jackson said.

Nick fury and black panther

We can see Fury in the post-credit scenes of Avengers: Infinity War. Upcoming Marvel films include Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and the end of phase 3 Avengers movie.

What do you think about Nick Fury and Black Panther? Did Fury know about Wakanda and all the secrets it holds? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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