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Ninja accuses Tfue of hacking the Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Tfue and Ninja are two of the most eminent personalities in the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Tfue plays the game in a very casual style, whereas Ninja displays a lot of excitement during his win or excellent gameplay.

Today, Tfue has shared a clip from his streaming, where he was unaware of the fact that he was playing against the Ninja and his squad. Also, Ninja was not knowing that his opponent was Tfue.

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Tfue was in a 1v4 situation, where he took down two members of Ninja squad, except Ninja.

Firstly, he eliminated Hysteria with a tactical shotgun, and then he took down FearItSelfTV. In his flashy attempt to eliminate the last player of that squad who was actually Ninja, he used balloons to shoot him down from above but simply fall to his death unbothered by the result.

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The incredible gameplay of Tfue made Ninja think, it was a hacker. Also, all the players were using “Streamer mode” to prevent stream snipers, so their names were hidden.

Ninja was so startled by his gameplay and quoted “I’m going to go into theater and report your ass bro – literally didn’t miss a shot on me the entire time” before looking into his chat, where he was informed the true identity of the opponent, “Was that actually Tfue?”

Well, you can’t completely blame Ninja for this, as a lot of players are seen using hacks in the Pop-Up Cup, but one thing is sure that he was shocked to see laser-like shots from the player (Tfue)


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