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Ninja Fortnite New Streaming Room Insights Revealed

After teasing his new room in a Twitter post yesterday, the popular Fortnite Streamer has finally shared the insights of his newly designed streaming room

The room gives an awesome vibe for streaming done in low ecstasy lights. His new streaming room lives up to all the hype and it has everything necessary to make you score more in the game

Ninja Fortnite New Streaming Room

Obviously, a gaming streaming room is incomplete without a good PC and its peripherals. Ninja PC configurations are of the top notch which would be any gamer’s dream to play on.

Ninja Fortnite New Streaming Room


Fortnite and Ninja will lit up Times Square on New Year’s Eve

The room also features mini bar to setup little mood for playing, but on the lighter note don’t drink and play

Ninja Fortnite New Streaming Room


Ninja also teased a drawer on his side full of candies from good brands.

It also has a casting desk, well its exact purpose can be justified, it might be included to add furniture beauty in the streaming room with Ninja letters shining on it

Ninja also danced a few steps as he could not hold his excitement for the new streaming room

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