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Ninja Says ‘Fortnite’ Is Going To Be The Next ‘H1Z1’

When Apex legend launch back in February it looked like it will surpass Fortnite soon. No doubt game was above Fortnite for few weeks. But, Now the Fortnite is back into the game.

The gamers are upset with the glitches and problems in the game with recent updates. Epic games is slow to respond, and as you might know, Fortnite world cup is not far away. So, this pretty bad time for Epic games

Ninja the renowned Fortnite streamer expressed his concern about the game. He is worried that Fortnite will end up like H1Z1.

“I’m telling you, man, they gotta be careful,” said Ninja during a recent stream. “They’re taking on too much at this point and [there are] still so many glitches in the game that have needed to be fixed. Gotta be careful, dude, they’re going down the path of the H1Z1.”

Ninja Says 'Fortnite' Is Going To Be The Next 'H1Z1'
For the unknown H1Z1 was the game that first brought Battle Royale theme in the gaming sector. However, due to bad updates and poor support, the game didn’t survive.

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So what Ninja is saying is that Fortnite will decline if it continues with the same procedure. However, it is not going to be declined so quickly until a new game enters the market. Apex legend initially looked like it will surpass the game, but Fortnite is on the top today.

What are your thoughts will Fortnite decline if it continues with the same?. Drop down a line of comment below.


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