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What!! Nintendo Delays Swtich’s 64GB Game Cards To 2019

Firstly I want to tell that the game cards are the cartridges which are used for distributing video games. Currently there are 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB variants available for Nintendo Switch.

According to the reports from the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has delayed the availability of the 64GB game card. They are delaying the rolling out of these big sized game cards due to formatting and technical issues. Before this Nintendo had planned to release the game cards in late 2018. Now gamers will have to wait until 2019.

As per, Nintendo keeps its game size range from 2GB to 6 GB but third parties make the games to outpace the Switch’s 24 GB onboard memory. So, largest sized cartridge 32GB has more demand.

Nintendo Switch was released back in March 2017. It has sale record of 10 million copy which makes it very successful gaming platform for the Nintendo.

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