Those who are expecting for the sequel of the Rainbow Six Siege, they should leave their hope from today. Because Rainbow Six Siege is not getting any sequel at least in upcoming ten years. During the Rainbow Six Invitational 2018 gaming event, Alexandre Remy, the brand director for Rainbow Six Siege,  revealed their plans to release as many as 100 operators in upcoming 10 years. The game is going too strong with an audience of 27 million.

“We’ve communicated already a couple of times about how the vision of the game is to bring it to 100 operators,” said brand director as reported by IGN.

Remy also spoke more about their goal. He said that  :

“Today we have 36 operators. Year 3 will bring eight new operators. [The goal of 100] is not only a symbol, but it’s a testament of the longevity that we want to put in the game. Again, we are claiming extremely loud here, there is no sequel planned, and we are here for the next 10 years, so expect more Rainbow Six in your life for quite some time.”

Ubisoft has big plans for the Six Siege in the year 3. Season 1 of the year 3 will kick off on March 6. The game also received two new attacker operators Lion and Finka. and more will come this third year of the game. Rainbow Six Siege will also have pick and ban system, pro league changes and many more.