One of the most real fights I experienced is in the Octagon, that is where the bloodshed without any limitations unless you are going in for a kill.Boxing is not that mainstream in India and also that’s not what this article is about.I am going to tell you why I am not excited about UFC 3 at all.

UFC 2 was fun, crisp controls, smart button layouts and easy to switch to the attack when defense. Even from the first one, the second installment was graphically improved and was up a notch. The problem is with the third installment which is releasing on 2nd February 2018. The beta was out in December last year where it all went haywire.

The Open Beta was out for all to test it before actually pre-ordering it.It gave me quite a pointers no to preorder it.I don’t have any issue with UFC per se but this time they messed it up and I hope they will fix it.The biggest issue which is going to be its button mapping.

One of the most questionable part is its button mapping. We have played beta in December and the biggest flaw in the game was its button layout which I personally found Irritating. In the previous one where you have to hold L1 (block head) and L2(block body) and R1(attack head)and R2(attack body) but in the new one the layout suggested you hold L1+R1(block head) and L2+R2 (block body). Now, in this case, it was very Irritating to hold down four buttons to defense and quickly turn to attack. The striking is going to be difficult as well as the defense during the fighting. It is also questionable that how the submissions and takedowns are going to take place.

We hope to see lesser microtransaction as per EA’s reputation. If you are excited to buy this game let us know why?

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