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Now 5 Dragon Eggs are present in Polar Peak Castle, Fortnite Season 7

In the Fortnite Season 6, we have seen Kevin Cube became the centre of sight, as it moved all across the map creating runes and low gravity domes. It seems like we have got a new story of Dragon Eggs to keep our excitement up for Fortnite Season 7. If planes were not enough for you to make thing exciting, wait for a while as we might see Dragons in Fortnite Battle Royale Game.

Initially, players have found 4 dragon eggs in the castle of Polar Peak, but now as the ice is melting the count of Dragon Eggs has climbed up to 5. Many players are also claiming that they have heard the heart beatings from those eggs.

Dragon Eggs Fortnite

Fortnite Dragon Eggs

We still don’t know, what will come out of those eggs but for now, things are getting interesting with the melting ice at polar peak.

Also, the 14 Days of Fortnite Event is making its return from 8th January, read the article below for more details

The third content update #3 v71.0 is coming next Tuesday which might bring the new vehicle Driftboard which was leaked earlier.

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