The story of October –

October directed by Shoojit Sircar is the story of Dan portrayed by Varun Dhawan, a hotel management student who is working as an intern at one of the prestigious hotels in Delhi along with his batch mates. An incident occurs where one of his colleagues Shiuli portrayed by Banita Sandhu, lands up in the hospital after falling from the roof. When Dan comes to know that her last words before the accident were ” Where is Dan ?” his whole life changes. This affects him at a deeper level, and he tries to find the answer to the mystery and falls in love while searching for the answers. We as an audience are glued to the chairs till end accompanying Dan in this emotional journey with one question in mind Will he ever get answers to the questions?

What makes October by Shoojit Sircar a worth watch?

Shoojit Sircar in his career has only delivered masterpieces that have raised various questions again and again. With his directorial debut Vicky Donor he raised the awareness regarding sperm donation that too in a comical way. With Piku he made us love our parents no matter how old or irritating they become. Now with October, Shoojit Sircar has brought a beautiful story to life which goes beyond feeling that we call love. The main highlight of this two-hour drama is its compelling story by Juhi Chaturvedi that gets you all emotional near its very end.


Juhi has written a screenplay about love seen from Dan’s simple view where he does what he feels right no matter what the world or his friends say. After seeing his colleague Shiuli lying on the hospital bed in the treacherous condition he gives up almost everything to care and look after her. That makes you question in between the movie like the other characters in the film itself ‘why he is doing so much for a girl whom he barely knows?’ In this condition, his view is more straightforward and selfless as he questions us ‘why we don’t care about her?’ This is where movie captures an emotion that goes beyond love when you are ready to sacrifice your peace for a person you care for utmost. The character of Dan is not perfect in all aspects being in his early 20s he gets angry too early and is irresponsible but has no arrogance which makes you fall for him. Shoojit Sircar captures this character trait amazingly by focusing that how Dan can make friends with people no matter where he goes even being a blunt and honest guy.

The character of Shiuli remains a mystery for you during the first act of the movie as she never speaks much and you get the glimpse of her observing Dan while he stumbles through work. During these glimpses, you catch an empathy in the eyes of Shiuli for Dan or was it always love from the start which she never got to express. The light is thrown on the character of Shiuli during the second act and that too by her family as she lies motionless in the coma. This adds another level of mystery to the love story.


Juhi Chaturvedi has penned down a unique love story that has layers of mystery yet it  is so beautiful and realistic that reaches your heart and soul. The credit for masterfully bringing it to life goes to Shoojit and Varun Dhawan. In October we get to see a Varun Dhawan we have never seen before as he completely goes under the skin of the character. In future, you will not see him as the hero who dances and has abs but one who knows how to act. Varun’s superb portrayal is hugely supported by debutant Banita Sandhu who without saying much in the movie can grab a space in your heart. Gitanjali Rao as the mother of Shiuli gives a lovely performance in the supporting role.

During the two hours long run it never feels like you are watching a movie instead it gives a feeling of someone’s real-life incidents are getting unfold in front of your eyes. The film is a poem brought to life with the help of cinematographer Avik Mukhopadhyay who adds poetic words with his class apart camera work.

Everything fits perfectly into the movie along with the melodic background score. The ending of this masterpiece created with such finesse is the one that you will never expect. However, end also makes you feel that life is strange and no matter what it has in store and you should always do what you think is right without leaving things on chance. As in most peculiar ways life will give you what you have always desired but never knew.

The movie is perfection, and you must enjoy it with a person you love the most. You can watch this incredible story of love in theatres near you and book tickets here.