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Oculus TV app Launched for Occulus Go VR headset

The VR giant Oculus launched the Oculus TV app for its standalone VR headset, Oculus Go. The service aims at providing cinema like experience from the comfort of your couch.

What is Oculus TV?

occulus tv

The Oculus TV service will act as a haven for people for TV lovers as it has Hulu, Netflix and Showtime programs in it, making it not just a great concept, but also rich in content. It will also stream Live e-sports Matches on the Oculus Go using Facebook Watch.

What makes it so special?

occulus tv

To put things into perspective, Oculus Go is a standalone all-in-one VR headset that requires no PC, no tethering and no monitoring cameras. You can just pop on on and go, as the name suggests. The VR headset provides a deep view experience with a perceived screen sizeof 180 inches. Basically you are wearing a whole cinema hall on your head. The screen on the Oculus Go is pretty high res, so the image doesn’t look that pixellated even when viewed this up-close.

Not just the image, the sound is realistic too, with built-in spatial surround audio drivers. If you have better headsets you can always use the provided 3.5 mm jack.

What else can I do on Oculus Go?

occulus tv

Occulus has over a 1000 VR games, social apps, 360 experiences and more. With the arival of the Oculus TV, it will now be the first VR headset to have its own video hub. You can be a walking cinema (or sitting if you like). And most importantly, complete privacy, as no one can actually see what you are watching. No more sharing the remote and getting distracted. Watch TV like a king in your own cinema hall.

Oculus has been the champion of the VR cause since forever. The major VR headsets have always been very expensive and have a lot of features non-gamers do not require. The cheap Google cardboard based solutions use phone screens which aren’t as immersive. With the Oculus Go, one can enjoy VR and personal cinema at a very affordable price of about $200 (as compared to HTC vive’s $500 price tag).


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