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“OK Google” activation problem on Poco F1

“OK Google” activation problem on Poco F1-

Xiaomi launched the Poco F1 with a bang, which not only carries a flagship-grade processor, that is, Snapdragon 845, the Infrared face recognition setup and a lot of new features at a lower price, giving a tough competition to the mid-range devices, and also the OnePlus 6, which comes with the same processor. After being best in the segment, the Poco F1 comes with flaws in some aspects. Recently, we have seen some of these problems, like the incompatibility for the Asphalt 9 game, incompatibility for the HD video playback, and now OK Google” activation problem on Poco F1 is detected, when a user complained that he can’t use the OK Google commands for the Google Assistant activation.

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“OK Google” activation problem on Poco F1

We came to know, that a number of Poco F1 users are facing the same problem. With this new problem, the user can’t even access the option for registering the voice model for the Google Assistant voice activation, with which, the “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” command activates the Google Assistant for accepting further queries. For the Poco F1 users, all the options in the Voice segments are inactive, but the Google Assistant is still working good, the user can still access the virtual assistant, by activating it using the dedicated Google Assistant app or by long pressing the home navigation button.

Pocophone official Twitter team responded to this “OK Google” activation problem on Poco F1 and admitted the issue is being worked on by the developers but didn’t announce any deadline for the fixation of the problem.

asphalt 9 on Poco f1

The previously detected problem, where the user won’t be able to download the Asphalt 9 game, has already been fixed. 

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