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One Piece 838 Preview – “Assassination Of Big Mom “

Latest One Piece anime episode has been aired. One Piece 837 shows the power of Big Mom a.k.a Charlotte Linlin as she kills Jorul with her bare hands which led Mother Carmel to leave the Elbaf island. Episode 837 also revealed the true motivations of Mother Carmel as she is an orphan seller known in the underworld as “Mountain Mag”. We also get one major information about the Devil Fruit of the Big Mom and how she gets it. When Mother Carmel come home after getting money of deal she spends her last day with Big Mom by celebrating her birthday. When Big Mom eats the tasty cake her eyes got blurred and she eats everything in front of her without seeing. There is huge possibility that she also eats Mother Carmel and other children and that’s why she has Mother Carmel’s devil fruit’s abilities. When her flashback is over in Episode 837 she continues to scream more loudly. Also, One Piece 838 Preview has been released which shows the alliance finally making their make to assassinate Big Mom.

One Piece 838
Source: Funimation

One Piece 838 Preview

The One Piece 838 Preview is released along with anime. It shows the Charlotte Linlin meeting with a child in the forest. On the present situations finally, Luffy and his alliances made their move to assassinate Big Mom. Bege throws the poison gas all over the island and the assassination mission starts. One Piece 838 Preview also shows the violence of young Big Mom along with the person she met in the forest. Next episode will decide the fate of Big Mom and her relationship with that person.

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One Piece Episode 838 Spoilers- “Assassination Of Big Mom Failed”

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