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One Piece 840 Episode Preview And One Piece Spoilers -“Plan To Escape From Island “

One Piece Anime episode  839 has been released and the situation becomes worse after freezing of Bege’s Big Father castle. Along with Germa 66, the alliance is inside frozen Big Father while all the Big Mom Pirates led by Katakuri are waiting outside. In this post, we have One Piece Episode 840 Preview along with some One Piece Episode 840 Spoilers.

One Piece Episode 840 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 840 Preview

One Piece Episode 840 preview is also released along with the One piece anime episode 839. Check it out:


Above One Piece 840 Episode preview shows the tension among  the whole alliance and Germa 66. Big Mom finally regains her consciousness and start attacking Big Father to make Straw Hats to come out. On the other hand, Sanji finally confronts his father Judge and after that Germa 66 leaves the castle.

If you are wondering what will happen in One Piece Anime 840 episode. Then we some One Piece Episode 840  Spoilers which are taken from One Piece Manga. After reading the below One Piece Spoilers you’ll have a clear hint of the next chapter’s synopsis.

One Piece Episode 840 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 840 Spoilers

In the One Piece Episode 840 after receiving the lethal blows from Big Mom, Bege will make a plan to save everyone life where he will turn into human form and send Ceasar out but Ceasar will refuse because of fear from the pirates. On the other hand, Judge will confront Sanji and ask him the reason for saving them on which Sanji will reply that he doesn’t want a father and son relationship but he can’t see them die in from of him.

As shown in One Piece Anime Episode 840 preview, Judge will leave the castle by promising Sanji to not to come near him and also in East Blue. After leaving them Bege will send Ceasar out of the castle by squeezing his heart and also Luffy and Sanji will go out to help Germa 66 in the fight against the Big Mom Pirates.Bege will also turn into human form and escort others to leave the whole cake island. So, from One Piece Episode 840, the fight for the survival will begin.

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