In One Piece 900, Sunny was shown exploded by the Oven and only straw hats flag was swimming on the surface. The chapter ended with the unknown fate of Straw Hats. This week One Piece chapter 901 is going to air but before that, we have confirmed One Piece 901 spoilers. So, those who didn’t read the previous chapters of One Piece manga and those who don’t want to be spoiled. This post contains the latest One Piece 901 spoilers.

One Piece 901 Spoilers

Title- “Even if you die, don’t die”

Cover Story: Doctor of the New Giant Pirates, Gerth/Gerd

New Member Of New Giant Pirates – Gerth

The cover story of the One Piece 901 reveals the new member of New Giant Pirates. Her name is Gerth and she is a doctor of New Giant Pirates.

Straw Hats Are Alive

During the huge explosion by the firing of Oven Sunny was saved at the last minute by Wadatsumi as he swallowed the ship and replace Sunny with the ship of the Sun Pirates. He escapes underwater by taking Sunny inside him.Since the Sun Pirates’ ship was burning on the surface Big Mom pirates get confused and mistook that ship as Sunny and Death of Straw Hats.Charlotte Moscato is also alive and a flashback of the Sun Pirates planning to act as a shield for Jinbe and helping and protecting Straw Hats while they escape appears.After seeing the Sunny destroyed.Big Mom becomes calm and rushes toward Cacao Island.

Straw Hats Are Still Under Threat

“One Piece Chapter 901”  continues.

After few minutes Oven realized that Straw Hats are alive and safe underwater. He heats up the water to draw Wadatsumi out. When the heat rises in water Wadatsumi isn’t able to handle the heat, he spits out the ship outside on the surface of the water. The Sunny gets circled by Big Mom’s ships. All Sun Pirates stand between Big Mom Pirates and hold them until the escape of Straw Hats. Jinbe stays back and helps Sun Pirates in order to help Straw Hats escape. Luffy declares him as Jinbe’s captain and he will keep going until he reaches Wano. He tells Jinbe to follow him there once he’s done and also tells him that even if you die, don’t die” to which Jinbe smiles a bit.

Bege stoles a Torte ship to escape from there. Vito is saying that he is worried about the fate of Germa as he is a huge fan of them.

The Chapter ends with Jinbe and Sun Pirates holding their positions against Big Mom Pirates to aid Straw Hat’s escape. Morgans was flying away in the sky with Stussy in a balloon basket.He makes a declaration that The Pirate King will be born from the members of the Worst Generation.

With this chapter One Piece almost marks the end of Whole Cake Island Arc. But what will be the Jinbe and Sun Pirates’ fat? Will They Die? Will Jibe Die? It will reveal in next chapters.

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