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One Piece 902 spoilers confirm the end of Cake Island Arc

The title of One Piece 902 manga has been given as the “End Roll”. In the cover of the chapter, we can see it’s characters has been dressed in clothes and outfits from other series. We can observe Luffy has been dressed in Izuku Midoriya costume from Boku no Hero Academy

One Piece 902 spoilers confirm

At the start of the chapter, we can find that the Sanji is remembering his first meeting with Pedro, when he requests to save his people. Sanji looking at the horizon has been depressed by the death of Pedro. In the same moment, Carrot arrives to console him and make him smile, she gave a pat on the Sanji’s head. But getting caught the moment we see that at the end Carrot is the one who is crying and Sanji tries to help her out

On the other side, chopper heals Luffy wounds after their successful escape. Pudding-chan is still standing in the passageway and pondering over the events in that has been unfolded in the last few days. She remembers a scene, where pudding is taking away the cigarette from Sanji and hugged and kissed him. This makes Sanji hallucinates. Pudding removes the memory from his head with teary eyes, while leaving him

On Cocoa Island, Germa 66 gives an order to fall back. Germa 66 has not been managed to escape in front of Jinbe, Aladine, Judge, Ichiji, Niji, Reiju. Fully recovered Big Mom comes in the front of Jinbe and Sun Pirates, asks them Life or Death. Jinbe is still fighting with the Big Mom

In the chapter, we also observe that the Luffy, Chopper, Brook and Carrot are awaiting Sanji’s food, while the few other pirates are waiting for the Zeff’s food. We observe both Zeff and Sanji are delivering food at the same time. Chapter 902 is the end of the whole cake island arc

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