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One Piece 905 Spoilers and Predictions, Vivi Chan in spotlight

One Piece manga has moved forward from the Whole Cake Island Arc in chapter 903. In the chapter 903 Coby has been highlighted, while in chapter 904 we have seen Sabo and members of the Revolutionary army being in the Spotlight. There might be chances we will be seeing the Vivi is in the foreground as the character in the One Piece 905. We are trying to predict the One Piece 905 Spoilers in the below paragraphs.

One Piece 905 Spoilers 

One Piece 905 Spoilers
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1) Who will be the prime character in Reverie groove – One Piece 905 Spoilers?

As we know, the world is going towards the Reverie, but the Straw hat Luffy is going towards Wano. So, it will be interesting to see who will replace the Luffy as the prime character in the event of Reverie arc.

In the One Piece Chapter 903, Coby has been rolled in as the captain and hero of the Navy and the same pattern we got to see in Chapter 904, we have seen Sabo is being highlighted who was planning to target Tenryubito.

Two characters given importance is just two chapters, we can presume that Oda has a varied perspective approach towards the Reverie arc. Sabo will be highlighted in the frame of the Reverie Council, while Coby is in the spotlight of the Navy Side.

But the question here arises who assist Luffy on the political front? We think Vivi will crucial on the political front in the One Piece 905, which is one of the major One Piece 905 Spoilers

2) Crucial Political Front

Luffy has many friends in the Reverie, few to name them are Riku Dold III and Dalton.

But the person who will assist the Straw Hat Luffy on the political upfront will be Vivi. As Vivi has not been given spotlight for quite some time. We can presume Oda will like to put some life in this character

3) Sabo Vs Stelly

We know that Sabo has gone to the Reverie in Chapter 904. We do remember, when Stelly has been shown, the new king of Goa Kingdom. He has arrogant nature and also was not impressed on the Luxury hotel room he was residing.

In the encounter of Stelly and Sabo, we might see in the upcoming chapters Sabo will beat Stelly in the Reverie Arc, also adds to the major One Piece 905 Spoilers

4) Orlumbus Resignation

In the chapter of One Piece 904, we have seen Orlumbus has left his position, so he can serve the Straw Hat Luffy. While his king is not happy with this abdication. So there are chances, that he might be chased, as Hajrudin has been followed by the Buggy Group

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