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One Piece 905 Spoilers – Kings And Queens Arrives At Reverie

One Piece Chapter 905 was not aired last week due to unknown reasons. So, after one-week hiatus, One Piece 905 will air this weekend. As always One Piece 905 spoilers are leaked online. One Piece chapter 905 spoilers reveal the synopsis of the chapter. So, massive Spoilers ahead.

One Piece 905 Spoilers ( Confirmed )

According to the latest One Piece 905 spoilers :

Title: The Beautiful World

Cover Page: Orlumbus in his room and putting away his clothes.

Arrival Of Kings And Queens

The chapter kickoffs with the new marine base or you can say new Marinford of the world government.  which is on the other side of the Red Line and below the Mariejois and protecting it. Sakazuki a.k.aAkainu talks with T-Bone about Fujitora whereas on the port of the world government( located at the base of the Red Line) ships of King and Queens arrives. 4 Kings / Queens come there.

  • One king comes with 4 women who resembles like a matrioska.
  • A queen enters with drinking a drink.
  • The third is also a queen who comes with a poncho and Mexican hat with a cactus.
  • Fourth is familiar one, he is Neptune and his 3 sons along with Shirahoshi.

Garp escorts them to the Mariejoa. If you don’t remember Shirahoshi is big mermaid princess from Fisheman Island Arc. Everyone’s focus is only on her and they are snapping her photos. Morgans are presenting the whole scene from Maeriejoa.

One Piece 905 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 905  also reveal the king of Luffy’s hometown “The Goa Kingdom”, Sterry and looks little scared on seeing Garp. He talks with Garp and he become more scared from him. A funny moment appears when Neptune grab his head and Sterry’s wife faint. Finally, Shiraoshi along with Neptune enters Maeriejoa for the Reverie.

Mysterious Admiral Rykokugya Appears

One Piece 905 Spoilers

At the Mariejoa, Fujitora arrives and then Akainu becomes furious as Fujitora didn’t follow his order and didn’t kill Luffy and Trafalgar Law. After that Fujitora chats with the mysterious admiral in One Piece i.e. Ryokugyu ( Green Bull). Ryokugyu gender is still unknown as her/his face gets completely shaded in the chapter. Only her/his mouth, nose and little long hairs with a silhouette will be visible to you in One Piece chapter 905. So this still a mystery for all One Piece fans.

Ryokugya chats Fujirota about Dr. Vegapunk and Fujitora tells about his condition that Dr Vegapunk is fine and up to on something special. Fujitora that his new creation will make the position and roles of Ouka Shichibukai negligible and they will not be needed again.

Revolutionary Army Meeting

4 More Commanders arrived at the Kingdom of Kamabakka ( where Sanji was sent by Kuma during separation arc ). The meeting of Revolutionary Army for attacking Reverie is about to start.

One Piece Chapter 905 Spoilers also reveals those 4 Revolutionary army members. One is a Mink ( a giraffe with horns ), an egg-shaped guy with a big moustache and a girl who seems like Robin but she is not Robin.

When Sterry sees a flock of crows moving away from there, he gets scared again but a soldier tells him to not to worry. The soldier is none other that Sabo who is a disguise in Goa Kingdom Soldiers. Chapter ends.

One Piece 906 Spoiler or Predictions

From the One Piece chapter, 905  following can be predicted:

One Piece 906 Spoiler
  • As Sabo infiltrates the meeting venue, Revolutionary Army has already executed its plan and in the next chapter, we will witness more members from the Army arriving on Reverie or on their way to reach Reverie.
  • Garp and Sabo can meet each other in One Piece 906 but Garp will not identify Sabo.
  • Luffy will also announce a short detour to the Reverie before going to Wano.
  • The position of Shichibukais will be taken away.
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