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One Piece 905 Is Not Airing This Week On Weekly Shonen Jump

There is no doubt that One Piece is one of a beloved series and its latest chapter comes with the weekly issue of the Shonen Jump. This week’s Shonen Jump will go live in Japan in few hours but before this, a huge news is coming which will leave you kept waiting. One Piece 905 chapter will not be featured in Weekly Shonen Jump this week. But we have some One Piece 905 spoiler or predictions which you can read and connect with your theories about One Piece 905.

No One Piece 905 This Week

On the twitter, Yonkou Production confirms that there will no new chapter in the Shonen Jump’s 25th issue. This means One Piece is on hiatus for one week and fans will have to wait for one more week for One Piece 905 to go live.

Usually, Shueisha announces week break at the end of the chapter if coming. But this time in One Piece 904 no announcement was given. This is also happened in past with One Piece and many titles.

One Piece 905 Spoiler

Recently One Piece enters on the reverie arc with 903 chapter with the appearance of many characters like Coby, Vivi-chan, Sabo, Blackbeard and many more. One Piece 904 chapter reveals four major members of the Revolutionary army. Also, Revolutionary Army announced war against World Government which will lead to the development of Reverie arc in One Piece. Now you have one more week to wait for One Piece 905 chapter so you can again go over some previous chapters and predict some One Piece 905 spoiler. We have also some One Piece 905 spoiler or predictions.

This Weeks’ Shonen Jump issue:

The English release of Shonen Jump will release on Monday, 21 May by Viz Media

One Piece 905 Spoiler or Predictions

One Piece 905 Spoilers and Predictions, Vivi Chan in spotlight

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