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One Piece 906 Spoilers Predictions Revolutionary Forces Tactics

One Piece 906 Spoilers Predictions

One Piece 905 chapter has given us the plot to predict the happening of One Piece Chapter 906. The prediction of Chapter 906 has been formulated on the basis of One Piece Chapter 905, which might get correct or wrong. To check the predictions of One Piece Chapter 906, follow the article below.

One Piece 906 Spoilers Predictions – Revolutionary Forces Tactics 

We have seen in the One Piece Chapter 905, that the Sabo has reached Mariejois by concealing himself as a soldier. There is a list of commanders who have also reached Mariejois from Red Port. We are also aware of the fact Karasu is flying alone as a collection of crows. Morely can bring support along the Red Line but he has been caught up by Stelly. We certainly believe that the Commanders will launch a sneak attack and when all the kings will be present, Dragon will announce something. We also know that Betty and Koala are there for support if the Revolutionary forces land into any problem.

One Piece 906 Spoilers Predictions

One Piece 906 Spoilers Predictions – Dragon Attacking Reverie Reason

Dragon has chosen to attack the Reverie, but there must be some strong reason for it, as Reverie has two admirals at that place. Garp the legendary admiral’s representative who still in Red Fort can pose a serious threat. But we think Dragon is relying on the support of Morely to cross the Red Line successfully and reach Mariejois. Dragon might speak directly with the king and Tenryuubito to unveil the secrets

One Piece 906 – List of people reaching Mariejois under Speculation

Many people have left for Mariejois, but still lot of them are still underway, so it’s likely we might see Red Port in One Piece 906 Chapter

Two groups that will be prevalent for Luffy the Straw Hat will be Dressrosa-Prodence, who were given help by Luffy earlier, which has Captain Coby who might be the main character in the Reverie Arc from the Navy perspective and other one is Alabasta, who has Vivi Chan, along with Nefertari Cobra family. Nefertari Cobra might have some points to discuss with the Word Government

One Piece 906 Predictions -Ryokugyu’s Reveal

In chapter 905, only the face contour of Ryokugyu has been shown and we believe that he will be revealed further in chapter 906


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