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One Piece 910 Spoilers

Let’s talk about world’s epic manga One Piece again. With chapter 909, One Piece finally enters into Wano Arc. This time you will witness things going to be more intense than ever in long 21 years history. Yes, Wano Arc is going to be more intense than Marinford Arc or Summit War Saga. In this post, I will talk about One Piece 910 Spoilers or some predictions. So, if you haven’t read the previous chapter, it’s my recommendation to read that first. In case, if you don’t want to spoil your hype so, please don’t read this post. From past 11 years, Oda was teasing Wano Arc in One Piece and finally, its time has come. Oh Boy, this gonna be more interesting One Piece arc than ever as Oda has put such much effort in this than ever.

One Piece 910 Spoilers

One Piece 910

In One Piece Chapter 909, we saw that Marco is in Whitebeard’s village which is completely robbed and destroyed by Blackbeard. He wants to stay there and help the people of villages as that village is the only souvenir of Whitebeard. On the other hand, Edward Weevil is on hunting all associates to have wealth and legacy of his father, Whitebeard. Marco is sure that he will attack the village soon. Nekomamushi is also with Marco at the village. He will soon contact Luffy about Marco’s status in helping them. Marco is currently not in a state to reach Wano as Weevil is approaching the village. He can go to Wano if Weevil is somehow no longer a Shichibukai or get defeated in no time by him.

One Piece 910 Spoilers
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One Piece chapter 909 finally marks the starting of most anticipated One Piece Wano Arc. At Wano, we saw remaining Strawhats are maintaining a low profile and gathering all relevant information about Kaidou and his comrades. Franky and Usopp are in aliases as  Franksuke and Usohachi. Robin is Orobi. But Zoro who is in disguise under the name as Zorojirou gets in trouble by attacking the Magistrate. Zoro is accused of murdering peoples and stealing the legendary sword Shusui with the body of Ryuma.

One Piece 910 Spoilers- Zoro In Deep Trouble

One Piece 910 Spoilers
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Since it was an attack on country’s magistrate, Kaidou will get information about this incident. I think Kaidou will send someone to deal with Zoro while other straw hats will try to remain silent to not to reveal themselves. Maybe Zoro will also try to escape from there after seeing his current situation.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Luffy and others will reach Wano in One Piece 910 chapter. If Zoro fight against the someone from Beast Pirates and Luffy arrives there, then it will be an exciting thing to watch, but huge chances are towards Zoro’ escape from there as Wano Arc is just started now.

Reverie is not finished yet, few pages of One Piece 910  Chapter can highlight more from the meeting. Sabo and Stussy will take a significant step to free Kuma from Celestial Dragons. On the other hand, Im will announce his target in front of Five Elders and others. If Reverie is not shown in next chapter, then it is sure that One Piece 911 chapter will be full of Reverie meeting.

I am wondering that starting of Wano Arc is that good then what will happen in One Piece 911 and upcoming chapters?

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