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One Piece 911 Spoilers – “Trouble In Wano”

Let’s talk about the world’s epic manga One Piece again. With chapter 910, Straw hats on the Sunny have finally made their entrance in Wano country, but with a twist In this post, I will talk about One Piece 911 Spoilers or some predictions. So, if you haven’t read the previous chapter, it’s my recommendation to read that first. In case, if you don’t want to spoil your hype so, please don’t read this post ( One Piece Chapter 911 Spoilers ).

One Piece 911 Spoilers

Before the One Piece Chapter 911 Spoilers, let’s have a quick recap of the 910 chapter.

Straw Hats has finally reached near the Wano. In the newspaper, they see news of Vivi, Shirahoshi and others at Reverie. The pictures of Vivi and Dr Kureha bring memories of Sanji and Chopper back, so they cut off their pictures from paper. The newspaper also mentions something about Big Mom and Kaido. But Nami unable to read that because of a cutout portion of the newspaper.

One Piece 911 Spoilers

As they approach Wano, weather becomes terrible, and a huge octopus attack them. Octopus brings a huge bunch of carp on their ship. Luffy and others see that they are in fresh water and there is a  huge waterfall ahead of them. Nami thinks that Wano country is at the top of the waterfall. So, Luffy grabs two of the carp to pull the ship up. They find themselves sailing into a whirlpool upon reaching the top of the hill. Due to the Whirpool, Luffy submerged in water and got separate away from others and reaches an unknown location. He sees a giant baboon with a Katana approaching him and a large komainu who was also there.

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One Piece 911 Spoilers

One Piece 911 Spoilers

Luffy finally reached the Wano Country. But he is surrounded by a huge Dog and a Baboon carrying Katanas in their hand. In the next chapter, Luffy will fight with them and try to figure out the location where he is landed. On the other hand, Nami, Chopper, Sanji and Brook’s location is still unknown. They will be seen landing on some other part of Wano Country. Luffy will come to know that he is on the jungle part of Wano Country and still far away from the Town.

One Piece Manga Chapter 911 Spoilers

Magistrate men are still behind Zoro as he declines to perform Seppuku. Seeing his crewmates position in the country Zoro will avoid any conflict and try to run and hide from them. As it is a violation of a country’s magistrate’s orders, Kaidou will be informed about this and he will surely take some actions. In the end, Zoro can be encountered by one of the Beast Pirates.

Since Reverie is still going on at Mariejois, Im will take an essential decision for maintaining peace in the world. It is still unknown that whether he is targeting Luffy and Blackbeard or he was targeting Vivi or Shirahoshi.

One Piece 911 Spoilers

In the latest chapter, Nami was unable to read the news about the Big Mom’s conversation with Kaido. It shows that this news is spread all over the world. So, everyone in the world will come to know about Big Mom and Kaidou’s plan to knock down Luffy.

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