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One Piece 912 Spoilers- Luffy And Zoro Reunites

Like always, One Piece 912 Spoilers have been surfaced online.Those who don’t like the spoilers and don’t want to spoil themselves, they shouldn’t read this post. So, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers.

One Piece 912 Spoilers

One Piece 912 Spoilers

After hearing from O Tama’s master that she is waiting for Ace to come here, Luffy tells her that Ace has passed away. O-Tama is shocked and loses her consciousness upon hearing bad new from Luffy. Her master “Tengu” gets mad at Luffy again for saying this regardless of whether it is real or not. He is a swordsmith and has been waiting for someone for a long time.

Tengu tells Luffy that the place where they are living in right now is called Amigasa village and it was a normal village before Kaidou’s army’s rampage under the lead of Drake. Only flourishing place in Wano right now is the flower town where Orochi is living. All other places are turned intp the wild by Kaidou.

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers- Ace’s Journey Of Wano

One Piece 912 Spoilers

Four years Ago, the Amigasa village was so poor that its people were starving to death. One day a pirate ship arrived here. Pirates of the ship were debilitated that people from the village tied them up and took their food. Once they finished eating, one pirate was able to unite himself and he was Ace. He intentionally let himself tie up and shared the food with them. Once they realize that, they thank Ace.O-Tama especially was attached to Ace.

After hearing the story about his beloved brother, Luffy takes O-Tama to see a doctor. Tengu gives Luffy his clothes for impersonating him. Luffy asks Tengu to take the Katana that he found in the house with him, but Tengu doesn’t allow Luffy to take it with him. That Katana is “Nidai Kitetsu” so Luffy wants to exchange this with Tengu’s Katana, but Tengu says that Nidai Kitetsu is cursed sword. He tries to stop Luffy, but he still takes that cursed Katana with him.

One Piece 912 Spoilers- Zoro Meets Luffy

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers

Luffy rides on the Komainu in search of Doctor and O Tama wakes up. She accuses him of being a liar. Ace promised her that once O-Tama becomes a great Kunoichi, she is allowed to go out to the seas with Ace. When they escape from the bamboo grooves, its exactly as Tengu said. The whole surrounding is full of wilderness and beyond wild, there are several factories. In the wild, Luffy sees several animals fighting against each other which makes him hungry and he wants to eat them but those animals also have drunk from the poisoned water, so he can’t eat them.

On their way, there is a bad guy chasing women, but that bad guy gets easily beaten by a swordsman. Once Luffy looks carefully, he realizes that the swordsman is Zoro. They are happy that they were able to meet again, but at that moment, Hawkins appears with his underlings.

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