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One Piece 913 Spoilers And Predictions

In today’s post, I will discuss some One Piece 913 spoilers with you. One Piece Wano Arc is most anticipated arc in One Piece and it is kicked off in an excellent way. So, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers which will make you more exciting to watch Wano Arc without any delay.

One Piece 913 Spoilers

One Piece 913 Spoilers

Latest chapter shows the sudden collapse of O-Tama upon hearing news of Ace’s death. Her master Tengu tells Luffy about Ace’s visit to their Village which was destroyed by Kaidou. Ace and his crewmates were injured when they reached the village. Villagers kept them as prisoners to steal their food. In spite of getting revenge Ace helped them a lot and promise O-Tama to return one day to take her as his crewmate. After hearing about Ace, Luffy wears a Samurai’s outfit to impersonate as country’s man and leaves with O-Tama in search of a doctor.

When he reaches outside the forest he witnesses huge factories around the Wano country. Meanwhile, he sees a man fighting with a thief. After reaching close to him, Luffy finds that man is none other than Zoro. They both reunite with a big smile. But their moment of reuniting lasts for few minutes as Basil Hawkins reaches there and confronts them.

One Piece 913 Spoilers

One Piece 913 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 913 will start from the cliffhanger that left us intellect about the situation after the latest chapter. It is sure that Luffy and Zoro will take on Basil Hawkins and his man. Whenever a strong character made his appearance after a long time, One Piece always demonstrate his/her new moves or powers. So it is likely that Zoro will give you a great show of his new sword style.

The fight will not last for a long time. In the latest chapter, Hawkins ordered his men to not to report about the situation to Kaidou. He is planning something else. It is probably that after losing his men, he will request Luffy to help him to take down Kaidou and rescue Kid who is still in prison. Basil will urge Luffy to make an alliance with him. He knows about Luffy and Law alliance who was successful in taking down Doflamingo. I think it will be a first step towards the planning of a huge battle against Kaidou or Beast Pirates.

In the next chapter, Luffy will reveal O-Tama about his relation with Ace and how much he misses than her.

One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers

One Piece 913 Spoilers

Many fans are hoping for some news regarding Reverie but I think it is not possible at least for the upcoming two or three chapters. Wano Arc is a most anticipated arc of the One Piece in these twenty-one years. So, Oda will only show reverie when Wano Arc will reach on a verge of huge battle or a huge twist. It is usual for all manga to shift the focus of fans from an interesting and turning plot to some other storyline or extra story for one or two chapter to increase the hype of the current story.

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