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One Piece 914 Chapter Spoilers, Leaks, Release Date Delayed

One Piece 914 chapter has got delayed for this week, as Weekly Shonen Jump Week has taken off for a week. But we have tried to list down, possible One Piece 914 chapter spoilers.

But the predictions and speculations related to One Piece 914 chapter can be done, in accordance to One Piece 913 Chapter.

Where is Law? What will happen to him? (One Piece 914 Chapter Spoilers)

In the One Piece chapter 913, we have seen the conflict between the three worst generations which includes Zoro and Luffy against Basil Hawkins.

But some more characters are predicted in that area. As we have observed Bepo and Law’s men there, it is likely that Law will be also present there.

One Piece 914 Chapter Spoilers

Although, what will be the Law’s Fate, it is still a matter of speculation. Straw Hat members were first to reach the Wano and interacted with the community. Law is still missing from the picture, it indicates that maybe Law presence does not matter. Kin’emon command will not be futile until things come to war. Law is very smart and can carry out commands.

As we have observed Law’s gang in One Piece 913 chapter, it can be said that one of this gang member will inform about Law to Luffy.

Urashima Issue (One Piece 914 Chapter Spoilers)

Kiku & Tsuru will give shot to cure Tama. Their tea has medicinal properties and can cure the problem of poisoning.

On the other hand, Urashima is still in the tea shop. Urashima has been shown proposing to Kiku. Also, Urashima was impolite and insulted food in the tea shop which has been guarded by Kiku.

We are like to see an argument between Urashima and Luffy in One Piece 914 chapter. But we believe that Urashima will help Luffy in his fight the oni, Kaido. Till date, Luffy has been helped by O-Tama and O-Tsuru.

Hawkins After Luffy (One Piece 914 Chapter Spoilers)

Hawkins is currently only Kaido who knows about the Luffy’s arrival in Wano. Hawkins is also aware of the fact that someone will help Luffy and he will run away.

One Piece Chapter 914 Spoilers

Law gang can come to the rescue of the Luffy if Hawkins come after him. We believe that the One Piece Chapter 914 will focus particularly on O-Tama healing efforts.


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