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One Piece 914 Spoilers, Release Date

In today’s post, I will discuss One Piece Chapter 914 Spoilers with you. So, this post is full of One Piece manga spoilers. If you don’t like spoilers or don’t want to spoil yourself, it would be better for you to not to read this post.

One Piece 914 Spoilers

Before coming to spoilers, let’s have a quick review of the latest chapter. The latest chapter kicks off with Basil Hawkins warning to Luffy and Zoro about there low chance of survival in Wano Country. His devil fruit is known as Straw Straw fruit and because of that, he creates straw dolls to fight them. When Zoro hits him, his damage gets a transfer to his comrade. One Piece Chapter 914 Spoilers Basil Hawkins can create anything with his straw hat that has been made on a card he draws. He draws a Hierophant card which creates a sorcerer to pursuit Luffy and Zoro who tries to run away to save O-Tama. Basil Hawkins suddenly stops chasing them as he gets hints that someone is coming to save them. On their way to town, a lady comes out from tail  Komainu and thanks them to save her. he describes herself as O-Tsuru who owns a tea shop in nearby town and tells them to bring O-Tama to her tea shop where she can cure her. At the end of the chapter, Hearts pirates seen looking at the commotion created by Zoro and Luffy from a mountain.

One Piece Chapter 914 Spoilers

One Piece 914 Spoilers
Now, coming to the One Piece 914 spoilers. In the next chapter, we will see O-Tama recovers with the help of O-Tsuru. Luffy will gather information from O-Tsuru about the situation of Wano Country under Kaidou’s rule. Zoro will also reveal the information he gathered by living there in past months as a Samurai . Based on the information Luffy will plan his next move as he is now in Wano and he only wants to beat Kaidou. We will get to know the main reason behind the retreat of Basil Hawkins. After the serious fight, I think he will inform Kaidou about the invasion of Luffy in Wano or it can be possible that he fought with him to prevent from any other enemy from Beast Pirates. When he knew that someone is coming to save him, he retreated. I am still placing my bet on later one. One Piece 914 Spoilers As Trafalgar Law’s crew i.e. hearts pirate have seen Luffy in Wano Country, they will contact him and work with him to carry out an initial plan for taking down Kaidou but before that Luffy will try to find Nami, Sanji, Brook and Chopper who are still separated from him.

One Piece Chapter 914 Release Date

Due to a holiday in Japan next week, Shonen Jump will not release any latest chapter. Therefore, One Piece is on another one-week break. Next chapter will now release on 16 August 2018.
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