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Rise Of Fifth Yonko In One Piece, Luffy Has Highest Bounty In “One Piece”

One Piece 903 chapter is out and it finally marks the beginning of Reverie arc. Whole cake island arc was one of the best arcs so far in the One Piece. Now its time have another interesting arc but before that, there is some major update in the bounties of our Straw Pirates.

Luffy’s Bounty In One Piece

It is like a tradition in One Piece that after every arc, world economic journal releases updated wanted posters with the bounties of pirates.In  One Piece 903 chapter, this happens again. When carrot receives the newspaper she saw two wanted poster one is of Sanji whose bounty is now 300 million belly. Another one is of Luffy, when he saw his bounty he becomes sad by seeing his 150 million bounty but brook corrected him and tell him that his bounty is now 1.5 billion belly.

Luffy “The Fifth Yonko”

With a whopping 150 billion belly bounty Luffy has the highest one ever known in the One Piece yet. From the pirates to world government is now in shock by the rise of Luffy’s bounty. The world economic journal called Luffy as “The Fifth Yonko” or “The Fifth Emperor” of the One Piece. Except for Yonkos he has the highest bounty to date. Yonko’s bounties are still unknown but Luffy is now  Fifth Yonko so other four Yonko’s bounties are not so much high than of Luffy’s.

Reverie Arc In One Piece

One Piece
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So Reverie arc now begins, it is time for the meeting at  Holy Land Mariejois . The Reverie is basically is a council formed by the World government consisting the world’s largest kingdom. Every four years a meeting held at Mariejois where kings or queens gather with world government to discuss the matters regarding peace in the world and what could affect that. As it is a meeting between the various leaders there can be a huge conflict occurs due to the difference in views which lead to arguments.

It is expected that this time there will be a great war at the Mariejois. Luffy can take a short detour to invade at the meeting before going to the Wano. If this happens this arc will be going to more popular than Whole Cake Island Arc.

Reverie arc in One Piece will make the return of many familiar faces also.So with this arc, Luffy is now a major target because of his bounty. But this also makes him closer to his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

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