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One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers Confirmed The Appearance Of Wano State

One piece chapter 905 was released last week and after that One Piece chapter 906 spoilers or predictions from everyone is floating like water. One Piece is currently in Reverie arc and meeting is about to start with the coming of King and Queens. One Piece fans are hyped for the invasion of Revolutionary Army in Reverie and hoping for the great and epic battles. But it looks like in the One piece 906 chapter all fans will also get another dose of happiness. I will discuss more One Piece 906 spoilers with you which makes your face glow with joy.

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One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers

Revolutionary Army At Mariejois

According to the One Piece 905 chapter, it seems the whole revolutionary starts to gather across Reverie. Revolutionary army is now at Mariejois along with Dragon. One Piece 905 hints that Morley is also there as a giant is spotted in the Red Line. Karasu is also seen in the latest chapter and Sabo infiltrated the meeting directly by disguising in Goa Kingdom’s soldier dress.

It is not confirmed that you’ll see the whole Revolutionary Army at Mariejois in One Piece 906 chapter but according to the Editor’s comment, it looks like next chapter will finally reveal about the Wano State. Wano Arc is the most hyped arc in One Piece. Editor said:

“Going to the Wano State !!”

“What awaits them there ..!?”

One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers

One Piece 906 Spoilers- Glimpse Of Zoro And Others In Wano

If next chapter will reveal about Wano, then there is higher possibility that it will show the rest of Straw Hats i.e. Zoro, Franky, Usopp and Nico Robin along with Samurai and Law. Maybe, You’ll also witness a huge reunion of all Straw Hats after a long time if Sanji Retrieval team reached Wano. Its been a very long time since straw hats are not shown all together. In the One Piece 906 reverie will also start so there will double dose of happiness for all of you.

Stay Tuned and comment your own One Piece 906 Spoiler or Predictions.

One Piece 906 Confirmed Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers- Reverie Begins

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