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One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers- Reverie Begins

After airing of One Piece chapter 905, many One Piece 906 spoilers or predictions were out online. Some were saying the beginning of Reverie, many talked about Revolutionary Army plans and appearance of Wano country. But now its time have some confirmed One Piece Chapter 906 spoilers which are out on Reddit.

One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers

According to the confirmed One Piece 906 spoilers, this is the detailed synopsis of One Piece Chapter 906.

In Mariejois, the arriving parties from Ryugu and Goa Kingdom are advised to use the travellators to move along the ground.  But the first son of Neptune, Fukaboshi ignores the advice and choose to walk along the regular path. Stelly imagines peoples from Fishman kingdom as a fish who are scared of modern technology. Fukaboshi has a bad feeling about the travellators. He thinks that they are powered by slave labour underground directly from Celestial Dragon’s estate.

One Piece 906 Spoilers…….

On the other hand, Charloss sees Shirahoshi from far away with her binoculars and want to meet her. When the gate opens, all other kingdoms are already present there except Ryugu and Goa Kingdom who are here now. Everyone starts looking at Shirahoshi and she is proposed by various kingdoms. But she rejects everyone by saying ” You are not my type”. Vivi and Rebecca talk about their relation with Luffy and when Shirahoshi meets them she also reveals about her debt to Luffy.

But suddenly Wapol and his queen show a strong disagreement with Vivi and others. Dalton from the Sakura Kingdom sees Rebecca and Tontattas happy with mention of their hero ” Luffy”. He asks Rebecca ‘You like him don’t you’ he says in a quiet voice. ‘I really like him’ she replies

One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers- Doflamingo Appears

One Piece Chapter 906 Spoilers

There is no mention of Wano state in One Piece 906 Spoilers but they show the Doflamingo after a long time.

In Level 6 of Impel Down, Doflamingo asks Megallan if he is protecting him. He Speculates that while trying to keep Mariojoa’s secret from leaking out if assassins will come from above and it does leak, their political power will make the situation sour quickly.

At last Dolflamingo said- “In Mariejois, a straw hat is completed”

In one of the leaked images of One Piece Chapter 906, another straw hat is shown in an unknown location. So One Piece Chapter 906 ends here with another mystery of straw hat and celestial dragons.

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