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One Piece Chapter 907 Confirmed Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 907 will live this weekend and before its airing, many predictions were out regarding Wano and national treasure. Now, One Piece Chapter 907 Confirmed  Spoilers has been surfaced online. Let’s discuss those One Piece 907 spoilers. So, those who don’t want to be spoiled they shouldn’t read the below post.

Massive One Piece Spoilers Ahead!!!

One Piece Chapter 907 Spoilers

Here is the detailed summary of One Piece Chapter 907 which will give you perfect hint about the synopsis of the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 907 Confirmed Spoilers

Title- The Empty Throne

Big Mom doesn’t want to let Straw Hats alive. The Chapter begins with her calling Kaido. She made an offer to him because he owes her one and that debt is huge because Mom brings it up he tries to play it off. She says it is a lifetime debt. Kaido replies  her that :

Kaido: “I’m the one who has a beef with that Strawhat Kid, Linlin…you come here, and I’ll kill you.”

Big Mom warns him once again that she will take straw hat’s head and she only wants to team up with him like old days.

At Marine HQ, the marines tapped their conversation and become panic after hearing the collaboration of two Yonko. Admiral Kizaru wants to go there to see the situation but Akainu stops him by saying that there is an unheard military force in Wano and we don’t know their strength. Kizaru replies  “Oh you mean the Samurai”? and cancel the plan. Meanwhile, vice admiral Momousagi scolds Garp for not taking the threat of two Yonkous going against his grandson Luffy seriously. Wano is not participating in Reverie so they are out of Marine’s jurisdiction system.

One Piece 907 Confirmed Spoilers

Hina refers Garp as “Garp-Kun” and points out that he should be concerned about a hero of the marines. Garp says that before Roger’s time it was their era but it is now past. Hina seems worried about this. Garpy smile and says:

“Yeah it’d be really bad if they revive (their union) –it’d be an incident far beyond our imagination.”

On the Mariejoa, Stelly wants to sit on the empty throne instead of pledge before it but guards prevent him to do so. They said that every king of every nation is supposed to be equal and he’s being asked to pledge he won’t try to monopolize or become filled with greed. The empty throne is under the protection of 20 weapons to represent the 20 peoples that former to create the nations as they pledged and stood before this throne. Guards also refers to no one sitting in it as a symbol of peace.

It’s like a sign of the utmost pride for the Celestial Dragons and the Gorosei as a figurehead that there isn’t just one “king”.

Meanwhile, Charloss forces Shirahoshi to make her his pet. Vivi and Rebecca steps against him as challenging a Celestial Dragon can lead to the destruction of their countries. Leo also runs to save her but Lucci and Other CP-0 members stop him. They are Kaku, Stussy and an unknown in a mask. Lucci refers to Celestial Dragons as gods who created this world and they are kings of Earth. Vivi denies and says this illogical, but Lucci replies that Gods don’t need a logic. In meantime, Neptune comes to rescue Shirahoshi and thanks, Vivi. He says that he will take her by force and return to the sea. Charloss commands Lucci to kill him for daring to oppose celestial dragons. Donquixote Mjosgard, another celestial dragon stop Charloss by hitting with a club to the face and apologize for Charloss’s actions.

He says that he knows Neptune event though he has forgotten him and has been waiting for the time to return this favor to Ryuguu.

He drifted ashore to their kingdom 10 years ago and was admonished by Otohime’s tears, so now he wants to help them.

One Piece Chapter 907 Spoilers

One Piece 907 Spoilers

In meantime, the Gorosei welcome in someone and tell the guards to leave so they can have privacy. They comments that they are only allowing this person because of who they are.

The person thanks them and says he’d like to speak about a certain Pirate… and that pirate is Shanks.

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