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One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers – Revolutionary Army Infiltrate Reverie

One Piece Chapter 908 will air this weekend but before that many One Piece 908 spoilers or predictions have been surfaced online regarding shanks appearance and rock pirates. Now confirmed spoilers are leaked online via Reddit. Let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers- Detailed Summary

Masherry uses her devil fruit’s power to heal Shirahoshi and disappears her bruises. Due to the incident with Shirahoshi Mjosgard takes full responsibility to stay by her side during the conference and protect her if any fight happen. Meanwhile, Pell comes to Vivi and apologizes for not being with her.

Cobra reads a certain letter for Fujitora while he, Fujitora and King Riku are having a conversation. Very lately, the Queen of Soruba Kingdom, Conney arrives at the Celestial Dragon Door at Pangaea Castle but she is stopped from entering in the conference.

One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers

Father of Charlos, Roswald arrives to attend an urgent business after the incident of Shirahoshi and his son. He is riding on Kuma the present Shichibukai, former Revolutionary Army commander, and former King of the Sorube Kingdom. Kuma is rented out as an unrivaled slave and he is in a tragic state.  Bonney is in disguise of Conney to infiltrate in the Reverie.

 On the other hand, Revolutionary army members Sabo, Morley, Karasu and Lindbergh infiltrate underground of the palace using Lindberg’s ability. They come there to not leave without rescuing Kuma who is being insulted at the conference.

One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers – At The Day Of Reverie

One Piece 908 Spoilers

The Goresei are suspicious of Cobra who inquired for an audience. They want to take a great purge to maintain the long-lasting balance of the world. A mysterious man tears up wanted posters of Luffy and Blackbeard and pierces Shirahoshi’s picture with a sword. He starts gazing at Vivi’s picture. Imu-sam from Five Elders or Goresei sits in the Empty Throne and other elders wish to learn if there is something that Imu would like erased from history.

One Piece  908 Spoilers

One Piece 908 Spoilers

Leaked Images

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

The Goresei dialogue from Image 3

Gorosei 1: It seems the conference has begun. The king of Alabasta, Cobra has requested a meeting with us.

Gorosei 2: The Nefertari family decided to remain in the lower world 800 years ago. But their bloodline is that of the First 20 Families.

Gorosei 3: In other words, they are traitors.

Gorosei 4: Has he realised something? Let’s hope he doesn’t complicate matters.

Gorosei 5: Big Mom and Kaido (illegible) It’s been 2 years since the Summit War and yet the waves are still unstoppable.

Gorosei w/ glasses: We cannot protect the balance of the world forever. So now it seems we must conduct one big purge.

Kneeling person: Im-sama… (My take : Is this Shanks? Same shape of his sword..)

One Piece Manga will on break next week

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