One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 909 will not air this week as Oda announced one week break for further plans. However,  Reverie has started in One Piece chapter 907 and after the events of chapter 907 and 908, fans are wondering that what could happen in next chapter. So, in today’s post, I will discuss One Piece chapter 909 spoilers with you.

One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers

Sabo To Rescue Kuma

One Piece 909 Spoilers

In the last chapter, we saw Kuma as a slave of a celestial dragon. He has been made a slave for rent after doing modifications him. Sabo and other members of the Revolutionary army were in grief after seeing him in bad condition. They decided to save him at any cost.

In next chapter, Kuma will likely to stay outside the meeting hall, so Sabo and team can save him in the next chapter after getting there. But Kuma can attack them as he no longer remembers them.

Bonney and Kuma relation

One Piece 909 Spoilers

One person can help Sabo to rescue Kuma from the Celestial Dragons and that is Bonney. She was very sad after seeing him in such condition and willing to save him. The next chapter might also reveal their relationship and why Bonney cares for him so much.

One Piece 909 Spoilers-IM’s Intentions

One Piece Chapter 909 Spoilers

Finally, a person worthy of Empty Throne appeared in the last chapter and his name is Im. He is s an extremely high-ranking individual in the World Government. Five elders also low their heads in front of him. After requesting of revealing a name to vanish from the world, Im destroyed the wanted posters of Luffy and Blackbeard and started to examine Shirahoshi’s and Vivi’s picture.

His intentions behind this doing is currently unclear whether he wants to attack Luffy and Blackbeard or he wants to target Shirahoshi and Vivi as Shirahoshi is an ancient weapon and Vivi is from Nefaltari Bloodline.

Shanks Appearance

One Piece 909

You might witness Shanks in the next chapter because his meeting with five elders is still a mystery. I am also looking forward to knowing more about the things that Shanks wants to talk about a certain pirate.

One Piece 909 Spoilers-Vegapunk’s Creation

One Piece 909 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 909 will mark the second day of the Reverie meeting and the King and Queens will discuss various issues. One of the major issues will be the removal of the Warlords system because of the Vegapunk’s marvellous creation. Straw hats name will be taken once again as a topic of concern of the whole meeting as two Yonkous are behind them.

These are some One Piece 909 Spoilers which can happen. One thing is sure that the way in which the events are unfolding in One Piece Reverie arc, a bloody encounter is confirmed in the upcoming chapters.

One Piece is currently on one week break and official chapter 909 will out on 2nd July.

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