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One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers- Ace’s Flashback

In today’s interesting post I will reveal some One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers. So those who don’t like spoilers and don’t want to spoil themselves, it will be better for them not to read this post. Let’s discuss One Piece 912 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers

In the last chapter, we saw how Luffy landed separately from his crew on an unknown location. Thieves from Beast Pirates were present there with a little girl they kidnapped. They referred  her as an attendant of evil Kozuki clan and threaten her to sell her in the red light area. Luffy saved her from thieves.

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers

She introduced herself as O Tama and told him that he is currently in Kuri residence inside Wano country and fed him with rice in her house. When she went out to wash her hand, her master attacked Luffy for eating the rice. She defends Luffy as he saved her life. Master was aware that she would drink water from the poisonous river to drew her hunger away, and she did by lying to Luffy about washing hands. Her master told that they could not leave this place as she is waiting for a person named as Ace. We also saw Basil Hawkins is now in Beast Pirates and want to go the island where an unknown person (Luffy ) defeated his people but don’t want to Kaidou to know about this.

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers

As mentioned at the end of the latest chapter, O Tama is waiting for Ace to come at Wano to meet her. So, the next chapter will tell about her connection with Portgas D Ace. She is still unaware of his death because Wano country is the only country in the One Piece world that serves no relationship with the outside world. I think that Luffy will tell her that Ace was killed in the Summit War.

One Piece 912 Spoilers
We will see Basil Hawkins meeting with Luffy and maybe there will be the first fight of the Wano Arc between them. But, one thing is not looking right about him that he doesn’t want to report anything to Kaidou. Maybe he wanted to betray Kaido and looking for this opportunity for a long time. So, it can happen that after seeing Luffy, he will form an alliance with him to destroy Kaidou.

One Piece 912 Spoilers Puzzle- Portagas D Ace Flashback

One Piece Chapter 912 Spoilers

The latest issue of shonen jump posted a One Piece puzzle as a spoiler and it is solved now. According to a post from Discovery Diary on Reddit here is the puzzle’s solution.

“As you observe in the puzzle, the marine Admirals are based on animals of Chinese Zodiac symbols. So the puzzle in order be like:

Bull + Tiger: 2 + 3 = 5

Dog + Monkey: 11 + 9 = 20

Pheasant + Pheasant: 10 + 10 = 20

Unknown + Monkey =? + 9: 10 which implies? = 1

Now if you view at each section of the puzzle, you will see that every two characters are friendly to each other in the manga, they’re like companions.
Fujitora and Ryokugyu
Sakazuki and Kizaru
Unknown and Luffy
Oda told we’ll receive a chapter regarding that person in Wano.
That character symbolizes the number 1.
He’s on great terms with Luffy.
He was also mentioned in the newest chapter 911.”

So it is confirmed that in One Piece chapter 912 we will see a flashback of Ace. Its been a long time to see something about ACE and his past. Next chapter will probably show the ACE journey in Wano along with whitebeard pirates and her meeting with O-Tama and what led him to have a promise with her?

One Piece 912 Spoilers- Status Of Reverie

One Piece 912 Spoilers

I don’t think that Oda is planning to reveal more from Reverie currently at the starting phase of Wano Arc. He can show some glimpse from Reverie via the newspaper.

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