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One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers,Leaks

After a one-week break, One Piece Chapter 913 will live this weekend and hype is already building around the fight between Luffy and Hawkins. Ahead of the official release, One Piece 913 Spoilers have been leaked already. In today’s post, I will discuss these spoilers with you. If you don’t like spoilers or don’t want to spoil yourself, then you should stay away from this post.

One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers

Here is the summary of One Piece Chapter 913 according to the leaked spoilers:

Hawkins asks Luffy and Zoro about the ruler of Wano country. Luffy says “Kaidou”.  Hawkins warn them and tell that the chances of their being alive in a month are 19%. Zoro sees Luffy holding Meito ( cursed sword )  and ask him to show the sword, but Lufyy ignores Zoro and beat down the opponents without Katana. The Lizard that Hawkins minions are riding on flies towards him.

Luffy grabs the Lizard and throws it at Hawkins, but his straw blade hand kills the lizard coming toward him.

With his straw straw ability, Hawkins made some clone straw dolls of his minions. All his damage is transferred to his minions when Zoro attempts to cut his face.

Hawkins’ blade can transform into a straw blade and his straw blade becomes a sorcerer. He draws a Tarot card, and it turns out to be The Fool in opposite position. Then his subordinates begin to break up because of the effect of this card.

One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers

One Piece 913 Spoilers

Luffy and Zoro ride on Kaomainu to take O-Tama to a doctor, but Hawkin’s  Hierophant card begins to chase them. When Hawkins swings his blade, the straw sorcerer swings his spiked weapon.

Zoro cuts the straw blade into the half, but Hawkin’s subordinate gets injured instead of him. Hawkins holds The Hierophant (the escort card) and predicts that someone will come to help Luffy and Zoro to escape and he gives up on chasing them. Hawkin plans to do something dangerous with the Hierophant ( escort card ) but suddenly, he predicts that someone will come to help Luffy and Zoro to escape, so he gives up on chasing them.

One Piece 913 Spoilers

When Luffy and others move toward their destination on Komainu, a lady who was saved by Zoro start thanking them. She describes herself as O-Tsuru who owns a tea shop in nearby town. O-Tsuru seems an acquaintance of O-Tama. She suggests them to stop by her store to cure O-Tama.

One Piece Chapter 913 Leaks

Upon reaching O-Tsuru’s tea house in Okobore town,  the Sumo wrestler Yokozuna “Urashima” request her to marry him. He tells her that if she marries him, then she won’t need to do work and relax rest of life under his care.

O-Tsuru instructs O-Kiku to go to prepare medicine for O-Tama quickly.

The Heart pirates look the scene from a mountain in the distance with binoculars.

Penguin: Isn’t that Straw Hat?

Bepo: Before they start a fuss/any commotion, should I go and call them.

Shachi: You stand out too much, Bepo…

One Piece is on one week break again due to a holiday in Japan. So, One Piece Chapter 914 will release after two weeks.

So, this was all about today’s One Piece Chapter 913 Spoilers. Share your opinion and query with us in the comment section.

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