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One Piece Chapter 915 Confirmed Spoilers, Leaks

One Piece 915 Spoilers are out and it seems that the next chapter will continue the chaos created in the last chapter. The chapter will be mainly focused on the livelihood of the Boluo Town of Wano country. So, without any further delay let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 915 Confirmed Spoilers, Leaks

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

According to the leaked One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers, the cover page of the chapter will highlight Bellamy taking retirement from Pirating.

The chapter 915 will take us to the sumo tournament in the Boluo Town.

Urashima is eating inside of a diner with a Gifter, Mouseman, a user of a Mouse SMILE.  He mentions his dream to make O-Kiku his bride. Mouseman advises him to take her away by force as his right as a descendant of a samurai.

A pleased Urashima throws away his food on the ground and rushes to the owner of the diner and demands, “I love tanuki, so prepare a dish of the tanuki you own as a pet!”

One Piece 915 Spoilers

O-tama is brought in that town to a certain residence where another gifter is present. He is a user of lion SMILE. On his stomach, there is a face of a lion, and his name Holdem.

The reason why Holdem had O-tama kidnapped because of her ability. Holdem, who is interested in an ability to tame animals, orders a subordinate to pinch her cheek like he was pulling on it.

One Piece 915 Spoilers, Leaks

One Piece 915 Spoilers

On the other hand, Luffy and others have arrived at the Bolou town’s main gate. Just after entering the town, Luffy yells in a loud voice that they are here to save O-tama and O-Kiku stops him. When a bunch of ronin come toward him, he knocks them all out with Haoushoku Haki.

When Luffy and others arrive at the centre of town, a sumo wrestler comes flying toward them as there is a there is an event undergoing where anyone can obtain 500 pieces of gold if they can topple Urashima.

When Urashima discovers about the presence of O-Kiku in town he made up his mind to make her his bride and order her disciples to bring her to him.

One Piece Chapter 915 Confirmed Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 915 Spoilers

O-kiku attempts to hide behind Zoro’s back but is unable to fully hide herself as her body is too large. Zoro let them take her as he doesn’t want to slice naked men. The peoples their become angry as a girl from the outside tea house in the town.

Urashima angrily yells that no matter whether it is they commoners or a lowly servant, it’s his liberty whether they live or die.  Urashima attempts to embrace with O-kiku, but O-kiku unsheathes her sword.O-kiku cuts off Urashima’s topknot.

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