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One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers, Release Date

One Piece is a Japanese manga which has been penned down by Eiichiro Oda. The one piece manga is published under the Weekly Shonen Jump series. The manga series follows the adventure of Monkey D Luffy, who gaining properties of rubber after eating the devil fruit. One Piece manga is ranked no 1 among the manga readers around the globe. In the article below, we will discuss about the last chapter and discuss the possible spoilers of One Piece 916.

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers 

Before moving towards the One Piece 916 Spoilers, let us gather the happenings of the previous chapter. In the last chapter, we have observed the beginning of battle between Urashima, Holdem vs O Kiku, Zoro and Luffy. We were shown two new characters Urashima and Mouseman, along with Holdem and we also learnt about their devil fruit abilities. We know that O Tama has been captured by Holdem, such that he can control the lion under his belly. Urashima is looking to marry O Kiku at all cost. In the chapter, we also saw Luffy using the Conqueror Haki.

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Spoilers 

In the upcoming chapter, we will see Kiku battling against the Urashima. We are likely to see the essence of the true power of O Kiku. As we are aware of the fact, that Urashima is the Yokozuna of the Wano country. We can also see Luffy and Zoro, helping out Kiku in the battle. On the other hand, Holdem will also join in the battle.

Also, the Trafalgar D Water Law might interrupt the battle in the upcoming chapter. So we are likely to observe a great order of events happening in the Wano country.

One Piece Chapter 916 Manga Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 916, will be released on 3rd September 2018.



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