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One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers, Release Date

Hello guys! I hope you are doing well. Today’s post is all about One Piece chapter 916 spoilers and chapter 915 discussion. One Piece manga is running with full swing inits most anticipated Wano Arc. Luffy is already in the main town with Zoro while the location of other strawhats is still unknown. Since it’s only the start of Wano Arc in One Piece manga, it will expand with time and run for a long time as huge war is expected at the end of Wano Arc against Beast Pirates. One Piece Chapter 915 early scans are out which highlights the livelihood of Bakura Town of Wano Country and sudden chaos created by Luffy. So, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 915 and One Piece Chapter 916 spoilers and predictions.

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers And Predictions

One Piece Chapter 915 Review

In Bakura town, Urashima is eating with a Gifter Mouseman, a user of a Mouse SMILE and dreaming of making O-Kiku his wife. On the other hand, another SMILE user brings O-Tama into a residence. His name is Holdem, and he is a user of lion SMILE.

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers

Luffy also enters in Bakura town to rescue O-Tama and yells to give O-Tama back. Some ronin runs toward him, but he knocks down them by Haoushoku Haki. While in the inn, Urashima knows about O-Kiku presence in the town. He orders his disciples to abduct her and bring to him. O-Kiku tries to hide behind Zoro, but he doesn’t lend his sword on because they are half-naked. Ronins take O-kiki to Urashima where he purposes her for marriage and in reply, she cut off his topknot in front of everybody.

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers

So the things are getting more interesting as Luffy has reached Bakuro town to save O-Tama from beast pirates. In the town, another problem arises as Wano’s powerful sumo wrestler is behind O-Kiku and due to his teasing O-Kiku cut off his topknot.

One Piece 916 Spoilers–Urashima’s Rage

Samurai’s pride is known for his topknot, but Urashima’s topknot is cut off by O-Kiku. Now, you can easily predict what will happen in the next chapter. Yes, we will see his rage against O-Kiku. He will try to take O-Kiku with him by force as suggested by mouse SMILE user. Zoro’s weakness is the naked man so he will not try to save her but we will see Luffy in serious mode against him. As SMILE users are also there, they will come out to aid Urashima against Luffy.

One Piece 916 Spoilers– Law Returns

One Piece 916 Spoilers

In the next chapter, Zoro will go against SMILE users while Luffy will fight against Urashima. We will also see Trafalgar Law to reach Bakura town to stop Luffy’s madness of rush into the enemies’ territory directly. Basil Hawkins is also in the Town. I think he will also reach there.

I will be a perfect start of the commotion in Wano Country, and we know that creating commotion at the beginning of every arc is the way of Strawhats.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the situation where Heart Pirates, Luffy, Zoro and O-Kiku against Wano’s samurai, SMILE users and Hawkins.

One Piece Chapter 916 Release Date

The official release of the chapter is 3rd September 2018, but the early scans will be out three days before that. So, that is from today’s post on One Piece Chapter 916 Spoilers.

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