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One Piece Chapter 918 Manga Spoilers, Release Date

Before proceeding to One Piece Chapter 918 Manga, let us gather the happenings of the last chapter, we have seen that children of Okobore are suffering from some sort of illness, but O-Tsuru help them out

Interestingly one more Smile user “Speed”, a horse smile user has been introduced in the chapter, who bring great quality food for Beast Pirate Officials from the Paradise farm

But we have an upfront problem with O-Tama in the Holdem mouth. Holdem gives a warning to Luffy and others, that he will crush O-Tama.

He wants to lure Shuntenmaru with O-Tama’s food making ability. He names him as leader of Atamayama thieves while counting Luffy and others as his assistants who have stolen from Shogun paradise farm

O-Kiku tells Luffy about Holdem’s connection with the Beast Pirate Jack, who is currently alive in the Wano Country.

But when delicious food comes, Luffy gets mouthwatering but remember he has to save O-Tama from Holdem’s lion mouth. Luffy fights with Holdem while Zoro stole the food and sent O-Kiku out of town with Komainu

Luffy punches hard Holdem with red hawk and rescues O-Tama. Marking the interesting order of events, Basil Hawkins reaches the gates of town but he could not see Law standing in front of him wearing hat

One Piece Chapter 918 Manga Spoilers

Following the One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers, the arena has really heated out now and it will be resolved after a battle between the two sides.

Luffy has already made Holdem furious by hitting him on his face with Red Hawk

In the upcoming chapter, we will see Holdem showing his true power and get into a serious battle with Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 918 Manga

While Zoro will take out Speed and her associates

Hawkins has reached the gate, but he was not able to see Law in front of him. There is a chance, that he will turn on Luffy side and help Law. But at the moment, he is on the enemy side

O-Kiku is heading out of town, but she might encounter another Smile user or someone powerful like Jack or Shogun interfering with her

One Piece Chapter 918 Manga Release Date

One Piece Chapter 918 has been scheduled to be released on 21st September 2018


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