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One Piece Manga Chapter 919 Predictions, Release Date

Once again one piece manga chapter is out online before an official release. Yes, chapter 918 is out now and it was better than the previous one. The story in Wano Arc is unfolding chapter by chapter and soon invasion of straw hats will be known to Kaidou and the then huge showdown will begin. But we have a much time before that. So, let’s discuss One Piece chapter 919 spoilers or predictions for today.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers

So, before talking about the predictions lets have a quick insight into chapter 918.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers

Chapter 918 was all about Luffy and others’ escape from Bakura town. In chapter 917 Luffy knocked out Holdem with a single jet hawk. After beating him Luffy picked Tama and ran towards the outward of town and he met Speed in his way. Seeing her horse like body he climbs upon her but she refrained him. He possessed her with O-Tama’s ability and made her run for them. On the other hand, Zoro and O-Kiku also managed to get out of town with a huge cart of food.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers

We also saw Law taking on Basil Hawkins and other before meeting Luffy at the gate of the Bakuro town. The chapter ends with Luffy making a promise to make O Tama’s life full of delicious food and edible water.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers

Now coming to the spoilers of chapter 919, we might see some unavoidable danger in the next chapter or one piece chapter 920. When Basil was fighting with the law, he revealed the news about Straw hats and stealing in Bakura town to Jack.

One Piece Chapter 919 Spoilers
Earlier in One Piece, Jack invaded Zou in search for Raizo but he was knocked down by Zunisha in the sea. In chapter 917 it was revealed that he is alive and currently residing in Wano Country. We might see him in action. So, we can expect Luffy’s next fight with him and it will gonna be harder than his fight against Katakuri.

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Chapter 918 left us with a cliffhanger of seven ghosts on the mountains. So, in the next chapter, we will become familiar with an unknown truth. The grave of the seven ghosts was of Ozuki Oden and his retainers so the truth might be related about his past life or Kaidou’s hate toward Kozuki clan.

One Piece Chapter 919 Release Date

One Piece chapter 919 will be officially released on 1 October but leaks will be available two or three days before the release date.

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