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One Piece Chapter 920 Manga Spoilers, Raw Scans,Release Date

One Piece Wano Arc has given us a huge shock with a revelation made by Kin’emon in One Piece Chapter 919. One Piece Chapter 919 is out now and it left us with a huge cliffhanger we never saw in past years. The chapter ended with Kin’emon revealing a huge mystery about the graves and Oden. So, let’s discuss the event of the latest chapters and Once Piece Chapter 920 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 920 Manga Spoilers

Before going to the One Piece 920 spoilers, let’s have a look at the events of the chapter 919 which left us with the biggest cliffhanger in One Piece.

In chapter 919, we saw Tama heading to her home safely along with Speed. Peoples in Okobore Town thanked Luffy and the others as they head towards Oden Castle.

We also saw a glimpse from the flower capital, where children were studying. The teacher asked about them seclusion policy ( a closing off of the country to protect the peace of the nation). Upon asking about the evils went against this rule, children replied “Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards” and praise Shogun Kurozumi Orochi! as their hero.

In town, we saw Kyoushirou cursing Orochi and revealing Oden’s wife curse that she gave to Orochi 20 years ago.

Kyoushirou explains that Orochi interpreted this incantation as the spirits of nine samurais will appear in the moonlight 20 years later.

One Piece 920 Manga

When Luffy and others arrived at the Odens Castle, they saw the graves of Kinemon and others who were alive few months back. But suddenly, Kinemon came there. In the meantime, we saw Momonosuke and Sanji’s group also reaching there. In the presence of the whole alliance, Kinemon confessed a secret they were hiding.  He said that

“You guys already know Kanjuurou, Raizou, and thus the three people here… makes a total of 5!

We are people of the past who have attempted to hide something.

“The truth is that we were sent here through time from Wano Country of twenty years ago.

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One Piece Chapter 920 Manga Spoilers

I think I am not only one to getting shocked after seeing Kinemon and others alive in front of their graves. When I tried to convince myself and rad the next chapter, the revelation made by Kinemon stunned me, and I think this also has happened to you.

Kinemon revealed them as Samurai from Wano Country of 20 years ago!!. That statement left us with a cliffhanger about their existence in the world.

One Piece Chapter 920 Manga Spoilers

In One Piece Chapter 920, we will see Kinemon will give a clear explanation to his statement. We will see them revealing the more shocking truth and how they travelled to the future.

In the next chapter, we might see Momonosuke and Sanji’s group reunion and how they met in Wano Country and reached the Oden’s castle. Since only five Samurai are there, we might get some information about others in One Piece Chapter 920.

One Piece Chapter 920 Manga Release Date

One Piece Chapter 920 will be released on 4th October 2018

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