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One Piece Chapter 920- Time Traveller Samurai Of Wano Country

One Piece is getting more and more interesting as it continues the Wano Arc. Chapter 919 has been released online it revealed an earth-shattering revelation about the Momonusuke and other Samurai. Kinemon revealed that they came from the Wano country of 20 years ago by time travelling. It was shocking for everyone, but Oda has hinted this many time in previous chapters. In this post, we will discuss about the time traveller Samurai Of Wano Country and incidents where Oda hinted about Time Travel before One Piece Chapter 919.

One Piece Chapter 920 – Time Travel

In One Piece Chapter 919, we saw Law taking Luffy and others to the ruins of Oden’s castle where Luffy saw graves of Kinemon and Momonusuke. He was shocked, but then Kinemon and Momonusuke came out there alive.

One Piece Time Travel

Sanji and others were also with them. Everyone was shocked upon seeing them standing alive in front of their graves. After that what we saw was unbelievable, Kinemon revealed their truth and introduced themselves as samurais who crosses the Wano country 20 years ago by travelling in forward in time.

One Piece Wano Arc Time Travel Theory Explain

Oda has hinted time travel several times before One Piece Chapter 919. So, let’s take a look at that incidents.

  • In Zour arc we saw Nekomamushi( one of the Oden’s retainer ) thought about only a few months passing since Oden’s death. It was probably Raizo that must inform him as news form Wano doesn’t leak to the outside world. But actually, 20 years have passed since Oden’s death.

One Piece Time Travel

  • Momonosuke recalled about his connection with Gold D. Roger in Zou Arc. There he claimed that he met Gold D. Roger when he was young. We already know that Gold D. Roger is dead from past 20 years. So, that would make Momonosuke young when Roger visited Wano.

One Piece Time Traveller

  • The main point which proves them as time traveller but we hadn’t noticed till One Piece Chapter 919 is Momonusuke’s appearance. Momonusuke revealed himself as heir of the clan and acted like an adult in Zou arc despite having eight years young’s appearance. He is also a pervert despite his young age which hints towards his adult behaviour. It might be the effect of time leap that his body is of 8 yrs old, but his mind is of 28yrs. Old.

One Piece Time Travel

  • In the recent chapter, Holdem warned speed not to chase the ghosts. They referred Kozuki clan as the family of evil spirits. This hints toward that Momonusuke and others have been sent to the future with some evil practices of time travel.

But with the incidents, it seems that Momonusuke and others forget about their time leapt, but Kinemon remembers their time travel.

In One Piece Chapter 920, we will see how they travelled through time. Whether they really possess evil spirits or someone in Wano Country of 20 years before now had a devil fruit power to send them to future.

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