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One Piece Episode 836 – Big Mom’s Flashback

In the last Episode of One Piece, Luffy and others finally made Big Mom Shriek by showing her broken portrait of Mother Carmel. In the end, we finally saw the tremendous Haki emerging from Big Mom while she was shrieking. One Piece Episode 836 has been aired and shows the reason for the unbreakable love of Big Mom towards Mother Carmel and who were she.

One Piece Episode 836

The episode kicks off with the Big Mom seeing Mother Carmel’s broken portrait and reminding her. While all others are closing their ears to prevent themselves from the tremendous sound.

In One Piece it is like a tradition to show a flashback of every important character whether it is a villain and on the good side. It is a good way of representing deep characteristics of that character so that a viewer can fully understand about his past struggles, achievements before jumping to a conclusion about him/ her.

Big Mom’s Flashback And Giant Warriors

One Piece Episode 836 shows the child life of Big Mom. About 63 years from the current events of One Piece. Child Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin comes to an island with his mother and father. She thinks that they are come there to have fun but her parents give her a huge bag of sweets and leave the island by saying that they will return in few hours. But in reality, they left her because being a giant child she cannot be raised by them. That island is known as Elbaf, a century ago it was home to the Giant Warriors who known as Giant Pirates. They raised havoc in seas but after some time marine starts to capture their captains.

Once, four giant warriors get captured by Marine and about to be executed in the city but they get saved by a pretty lady.  She convinced everybody and act as a bridge of peace between human and giants by living in on Orphanage where everyone including giants was welcome.  She is known as mother Carmel and she welcomes Linlin to her orphanage.

Being a five-year-old, Linlin tried to make peace between wolf and bear by putting them in the same cage but bear ate the wolf and she kills the bear with a single blow. After that Linlin did many things that makes her different from others.

One Piece Episode 836 also shows the flashback of various Giants warriors that became an acquaintance of Luffy. 10 months after coming of Linlin on Elbaf, giants on the island accepts Linlin as part of the family. The episode shows the Kashi and Omio giants who helped Luffy in Ennis Lobby. They talk about their duel with Dorry the blue ogre and  Brogy the red ogre who also met Luffy and formed a tight bond.

This episode also gives the younger look of the giant Hajrudin who met Luffy in Dressrosa. From starting he starts practicing to become stronger. Big Mom also became familiar with chief giant Beardhill Jarul and Beardfall Jorul who came to eat Semla before the 12 days fast for the upcoming festival. Linlin giant friend  Gerd tells her about the sweet. After that Linlin finds the sweet so delicious that she eats everyone’s sweet also.

Linlin isn’t able to control her hunger during the fast days and on the seventh day, she set the whole village on fire in the hunger and need of Semla and Shreik for the first time. Jorul steps forward to kill her and refers her as a monster.

One Piece Episode 836 perfectly shows the path to the rise of five years old Linlin to a Yonko. It also shows a child ego of little Big Mom and her true love for Mother Carmel. In the episode, the introduction of all giants who met with Luffy is his journey is very well picturized. The story of young Linlin and Mother Carmel is not ended yet and will continue on next episode.

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