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One Piece Episode 837 Spoilers Mother’s Carmel Secret Reveal

One Piece Episode 837 Spoilers

One Piece Spoilers

One Piece Episode 836 is now live and it shows the Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin past life. How she gets shelter at Mother Carmel’s Orphanage and after some months how she fled with the other giants.

One Piece Episode 836 – Big Mom’s Flashback

One Piece Episode 837 Preview is also live now. The One Piece episode 837 will reveal the feud of Big Mom with giants and the secret of Mother Carmel. The episode will also reveal the origin of the hellish tea party. If you eager to know what will happen and don’t want to wait for a week, we have One Piece spoilers from the One Piece manga that will give a clear hint about the synopsis of One Piece Episode 837. So warning for all those who don’t read the manga and only follow One Piece anime.

According to the One Piece Manga, When Jorul takes out his sword to hit Linlin, she cuts the sword of Jorul in two halves with her bare hands and throws him to the ground and starts looking for Semla. Carmel stepped towards flame and summoned a little soul from her hand and creates Sun homie called Pandora. She fed Linlin some Semla and made the other people at citizen believe that it is the Sun god who made everything right. Jarul prepares his sword to kill Linlin for injuring his brother at such old age but Mother Carmel promised him that she will leave Elbaf with Linlin and will never show her face to him. When Linlin wakes up Linlin completely forgets about her doing and but becomes an enemy to whole giant warrior race. Carmel starts to live in another sheep’s house on different Island with her all children and Linlin.

One Piece Episode 837 Secret Of Mother Carmel

One Piece Spoilers

One Piece manga also revealed the secret of Mother Carmel which you’ll witness in next episode. Mother Carmel visits World Government and asks CP-0 to buy Linlin at a higher price than she ever gets. She tells them about Linlin’s power and her ability to become a fleet admiral. Mother Carmel is actually an Orphan Trafficker who is known as “Mountain Witch” who sells orphans at high prices and act as a loving mother in front of the world. Carmel decides to have a tea party to celebrate Linlin’s sixth birthday. Linlin seems very happy and when she eats all semla and turns to thanks her housemates, all get disappeared with Carmel. In the present day, she continues to cry for her mother as she recalls that day.

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